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Graphic Design - Photography - Video - Marketing - Web Design - Retro Stuff

Your Ideas Need

A Designer That Cares.

Graphic Design

Whether it be as simple as illustration or as complicated as a full brand package, I have the utilities and skills to really make your brand or project pop. Ask me about anything from document design, graphics, marketing strategies to illustration and prototypes.


Photography & Video

Formally trained in the art, I can work in studio settings or on location. I’ve shot events, gathered content for marketing campaigns, captured products for advertising, taken portraits and more. I have all the  necessary equipment and space needed. Ask me about equipment, it’s my favourite topic!


Web Design

We will work together to make your ideas a reality. If you are looking for a developer who’ll take over the front-end design of your website, understands user’s needs and habits, and can make a functional back end, then don’t hesitate to reach out.


Marketing & Trends

Let’s brainstorm, sketch and take your ideas to their fullest. Online or in person, we can refine the best course of action. Your business and ideas plus my understanding of trends and the market landscape will make us a powerful team in getting what you need said out there.

The Weird Retro Stuff

Film Scanning

With the right equipment I can scan your beloved memories into digital to be kept forever.

VHS to Digital Recovery

Do you have old video formats? I love those! I also love helping  you preserve them forever.

Digital Remastering

From old film, slides and plates, to footage and video. I can clean up your projects.