my work

Jammin' Gears Magazine

By far my favourite project to date. An entire magazine, built from scratch by yours truly.

The Nook Menu Redesign College Assignment

Real company, fake results. Took a local restaurant’s menu and modernized it. 

Small Business Marketing

I sometimes make instagram ads.

GoGrow Champaign

Fake company,  real results. I created a fictional greenhouse and plant nursery with a different approach to gardening.


Various models. Various years. Various projects.

The Burn

In 2014 I took a series of images on film. I then soaked them in a secret concoction of chemicals and proceeded to light them on fire. These are the results.

Project Toy Camera

From a plastic kit my father purchased in 2002, we built a toy camera. Over a decade later I shot, developed and scanned some images.